101 Moments Of Joy & Inspiration Book

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Meredith Gaston's enchanting book is filled with empowering words and whimsical illustrations to help you cultivate the power of joy in your own life.

Meredith Gaston believes that "our thoughts shape our worlds", and so she created this beautiful book to help bring a little harmony to the lives of others and share her own love of life. Open this book at any page and you are presented with an uplifting quote that is perfectly paired with a warm and colourful illustration - an inspiring combination to fill you with courage and strength and help you move positively through your day.

Author: Gaston, Meredith
Publisher: Penguin Books 
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781921383526 
Publish Date: Dec 1 2013 12:00AM 
Page Count: 208